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A mindful brand, encouraging sustainable lifestyles

OMG (Oh My Goodies) is a collection of things that inspire my own mindful, healthy living.

Life can get very busy. Two years ago, I was looking for a space to take a time-out, so I started to build my own little sanctuary at home. I took two hours off over a weekend and smudged my room with white sage, brewed myself a nice tea, picked a book to read, mixed essential oils for my skin, and I topped it all off with 20 minutes of meditation.

Since then, OMG has created a space for me, mentally, to rejuvenate and reconnect with my inner self. Together with the study of Mindfulness in my yoga practice, I realized what I want to do and how to take care of myself, striking a sweet balance in my life. Most importantly, I learned to appreciate the moments. I learned to appreciate the NOW. 

I continue to benefit from my experiences and hope to encourage others to slow down enough so that they, too, can enjoy the present. All of the items found in OMG are essential to my ritual. I hope this sharing of love will help you find a mindful lifestyle that will bring you sustainable happiness.


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