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Zodiac Crystal Kit - Leo

Zodiac Crystal Kit - Leo


The crystals inside are hand-picked and thoughtfully chosen to help you align with the energy of the kit’s sign. 


Use these crystals to help align you with the Energy of Leo during the Leo Season, the Leo New Moon or Full Moon, or any time you are in need of a little extra courage in your life. These crystals are also perfect if happen to be a Leo Sun or Moon sign. 


Includes the five crystals for the Leo clan


Pyrite to instill willpower

Citrine to call in abundance.

Yellow Jasper for the energy of action.

Tiger’s Eye for calming and balance.

Sunstone for creativity.


You can place one crystal in each hand while meditating, or make a mini-grid for your space. 


*Each kit varies.

*Goods will not be returned or exchanged.
*Since crystals are natural minerals, there might be ice cracking and mineral deficiencies. 



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