TEAORY Sun Protection Essence SPF30 一日茶道全效防護霜 SPF30 (50ml)

TEAORY Sun Protection Essence SPF30 一日茶道全效防護霜 SPF30 (50ml)


Sun Protection Essence SPF 30


Ingredients | Oriental Six Tea Extract, Camellia Sinesis, Micro-ingredient/mineral Compound Raw Material Oligo 663 / Oligoidyne-1-complex


It features sunscreening, protection, moisturizing and brightness of the skin. With the SPF 30, and PA+++ sunscreen ability to provide daily sun protection. It can effectively balance oil secretion, giving you a refreshing and comfortable feeling. It also creates a stereoscopic look and prevents UV damage. Improve skin tone, skin brightness, and create a flawless texture!

一日茶道  全效防護霜 SPF 30


成分 | 東⽅六茶精華、茶複合萃取液、微量成分 礦物質複⽅原料


「添加獨家東方六茶萃取精華」,具有防曬、防護,保濕及提亮的特 性。SPF 30、PA+++,提供日常防曬所需。能有效平衡肌膚油脂分 泌,給予肌膚清爽舒適的完美膚感。創造⽴體妝感,防⽌紫外線傷 害,可協助改善膚⾊,提升肌膚明亮度,打造細緻無瑕的質感肌!