TEAORY Multi-Action Hydrating Serum  一日茶道活泉精華液 (130ml)

TEAORY Multi-Action Hydrating Serum 一日茶道活泉精華液 (130ml)


Multi-action Hydrating Serum


Ingredients | Oriental Six Tea Extract, Melaclear 2, Ginseng Extract


The toner, lotion, essence, three-in-one product. “Biochemical Whitening Factor” and“ Ginseng Extract”. The dual-component can effectively inhibit precipitation of melanin, brightening and whitening the skin. It can also moisturize, soften and make the skin rosy! Combats against the dull and rough skin caused by aging and dryness.


Directions | Use day and night. Apply an appropriate amount onto face, massage in a circular motion until absorbed. Effects are enhanced if applied using an ultrasound device.


一日茶道  活泉精華液


成分 | 東⽅六茶精華、⽣化⽩皙因⼦、⼈蔘萃取液


「添加獨家東方六茶萃取精華」,化妝⽔、乳液、精華液,三合一產 品。其中的生化⽩皙因⼦及人蔘萃取液,雙重成分能有效抑制⿊⾊素 沉澱,深具明亮及美⽩的功效。能有效平衡肌膚⽔分、柔嫩肌膚,使 肌膚透亮紅潤!同時能對抗因年齡增⾧、肌膚乾燥所形成的暗沉粗糙 膚質。