TEAORY Crystal Tonic Lotion 一日茶道彈力晶露 (120ml)

TEAORY Crystal Tonic Lotion 一日茶道彈力晶露 (120ml)


Crystal Tonic Lotion


Ingredients | Oriental Six Tea Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract


Adding Sun Moon Lake Black Tea extract, which prevents aging and provides the moisture needed to the skin. Moisture and its ingredients can be brought into the skin by tapping. When the skin is too dry, you can also use a cotton pad to wet the surface, quickly replenishing it! It also has dual effects to soften and moisturize.

一日茶道 彈⼒晶露


成分 | 東⽅六茶精華、玻尿酸、⽇⽉潭紅茶萃取


「添加獨家東方六茶萃取精華」,內含珍貴的日⽉潭紅茶萃取物,其中 兒茶素可防⽌肌膚⽼化,提供肌膚所需的⽔分。可在平常的保養程序 中,以輕拍的方式將⽔份及其中營養成份帶進⽪膚中。⽪膚過分乾燥 時,也可利⽤化妝棉進⾏濕敷,快速補⽔!兼具柔嫩與保濕肌膚雙重功效。