TEAORY Age-Renew Eye Serum 一日茶道賦活眼部精華 (30ml)

TEAORY Age-Renew Eye Serum 一日茶道賦活眼部精華 (30ml)


Age-renew Eye Serum


Ingredients | Oriental Six Tea Extract, Haloxyltm, Eyelisstm


Wrinkles around the eyes are easier to generate than other parts of the face. “White MultiPeptide Complex” and the “ Eye Tightening Factor” can effectively fight the fine wrinkles around the eyes and help dilute dark circles under eyelids. By massaging and hot compressing the skin around the eyes, it can firm bring the needed moisture, and effectively improve the eye-bag problem.


一日茶道 賦活眼部精華


成分 | 東⽅六茶精華、亮⽩多胜肽複合物、眼部緊緻因⼦


「添加獨家東方六茶萃取精華」,眼睛周遭細紋較其他五官更易生成, 「亮⽩多胜肽複合物」及「眼部緊緻因⼦」能有效對抗眼睛周圍產生 的細紋、幫助淡化眼眸下的⿊眼圈。透過按摩及熱敷眼周肌膚,能增 加眼睛周圍之緊實度,給予需要的保濕及滋潤效果,並有效改善眼 袋。