Root Chakra Necklace

Root Chakra Necklace


Located at the base of the spine, the Root Chakra represents survival, grounding, security, and safety. This energy center is the foundation on which we build our life, where we ground ourselves, connect, and anchor energy into Mother Earth. When healthy and balanced, the Root Chakra brings us health, prosperity, stability, connectedness, energy, and dynamic presence.


The Root Chakra necklace is available in sterling silver, rose gold and 18K yellow gold plated sterling silver, complete with an extension chain. Let this necklace help you focus on developing feelings of being safe, secure, stable, and protected, allowing you to project a quiet strength that comes from a profound sense of belonging in the family, work, and community.


  • Material: 925 sterling silver or plated with 18K gold/rose gold
  • Pendant size: 19mm x 19mm
  • Chain length: 400mm + 39mm extension chain
  • Available in silver, rose gold and yellow gold colours.


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