Jeremyville 2021 CSA Daily Desktop Calendar

Jeremyville 2021 CSA Daily Desktop Calendar

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ONE EARTH, ONE FAMILY. Let's BRING HUGS BACK in 2021, and start our day with a positive & contemplative daily message from the Jeremyville CSA project (Community Service Announcements). 


Each of the 365 messages in this calendar offers a time for reflection, a quiet moment in our busy day.


About Jeremyville

Jeremyville is a New York-based artist, product designer, and author. His art is about simple, thought-provoking messages told in an instantly recognizable style.

Jeremyville grew up by the ocean at Bondi Beach in Sydney Australia and started his art career drawing at the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, while completing his Architecture Degree from Sydney University, and editing the student newspaper Honi Soit. It was amidst this eduction in print at the age of 19, that he first discovered the power of simple writing and the impact that an iconic image can have in helping to change the world.

Jeremyville draws daily in his sketchbook and shares his Community Service Announcements through his social media, with messages of environmental action, social change, inner growth and positive daily actions.