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Yogamania Yoga Notebook (Traditional Chinese)

Yogamania Yoga Notebook (Traditional Chinese)


Yogamania is the ultimate yoga notebook tailor-made for yogis. Its dynamic illustrative format offers a playful yet creative experience for yogis, and aims to give beginners or more experienced practitioners the whole picture when embarking on their own yoga journey.


Yogamania is an all-in-one tool for quick referencing, note-taking and starting yoga practice with. It features extensive yoga information and a set of 80 tear-out yoga posture cards to plan your practice with, and for yoga teachers to creatively sequence a yoga class. These include from warm-ups to inversions, meditation essentials, and sequencing principles to perfectly move through your yoga flow.


The notebook has two reference sections: Part 1 - Mini Yoga Dictionary (34 pages), and Part 2 - Yoga posture cards (80 cards). Additionally, use the 36 lined note pages with anatomy templates according to your needs: study the postures by making notes or colouring a part of the body for reference; create your own notes or drawings on the blank 72 note pages. From choosing yoga props to bookmarks on yoga blogs, from yoga anatomy to yoga history, Yogamania provides extensive yoga information for quick referencing.

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