Daily Rituals Deck

EUNOIA [u-noi-a] ‘beautiful thinking; a well mind’

The Eunoia Daily Rituals deck is the unique interpretation of an affirmation meets oracle card deck. 

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YOGA on the go

Flow on the go, B Mat Traveller  helps you stay grounded while on the go.


Double Win 

Look good, feel good, and do good with every purchase. Every product feeds a child.

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Bringing aspirations 

The Tree of Life Collection is created with different designs dedicated to trees. 

Immerse yourself in one of our regular yoga classes

Oh My Goodies offers one-on-one, small group, and corporate classes. Reach out to us ( and find out more.

Take a breath | Hit pause | Look around and appreciate

Oh My Goodies (OMG) is a brand that encourages mindful and sustainable lifestyles.


Everyone deserves a space for a time-out to look inwards and connect with oneself. We share the happiness of fully present  – Live Now. We hope this online mindfulness store will help you find a lifestyle that will bring you sustainable happiness.

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